Brighton Asylum 2015 Tunnel Trailer

20 Aug , 2015
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

Last month I traveled to the newly remodeled Brighton Asylum to shoot their all new attraction called “The Tunnel” I have to say that this haunt just gets better each year and this year its going to blow everyone away!  The footage came out very well and the trailer is already getting a lot of […]

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Original Halloween Myers House Visit

19 Aug , 2015
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

I spent several days in Los Angeles last week for ScareLA and got some time to take a pilgrimage to the original Myers House from John Carpenters 1978 Halloween!  The house was moved from its original location to down the street and is now a office for a local business.  The house sites across the […]

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A Rant about Funny Viral attempts at Haunted House Videos

30 Jan , 2013
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

So there seems to be a growing trend in the Haunted House industry to do silly funny videos in hopes of becoming the next “Gangnam Style” or “Harlem Shake” viral sensation. I’ve done videos before in hopes of them becoming viral and I’ve pretty much given up on it. I’ve actually listened to so called […]

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Movie Review: Trick r’ Treat

25 Sep , 2012
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

Everything you’ve heard is true! Michael Dougherty’s long awaited, studio mishandled Trick R’ Treat is the best Halloween Movie to come out in 30 years! How this movie went direct to DVD and is not in theatres right now scaring the crap out of huge audiences is still a mystery. Did the studio really not […]

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Blu-Ray Review: Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

24 Sep , 2012
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

It’s not a secret that I absolutely love Halloween 3. Yes I’m aware that it has nothing to do with Michael Myers and that’s precisely why it’s such a cinematic oddity. Now Shout Factory has released Halloween 3 on a lovingly re-mastered Blu-ray with lots of extras so it seemed like a great opportunity to […]

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