We like taking photos! We’ve done it for haunted attractions, events, film shoots, and even restaurants. Now we’d like to do it for you. We shoot on Canon and Sony cameras using the latest in adobe software to touch up and finish photos. We recently started shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos that bring out the details in a photo like never before! Check out some examples below of our favorite recent work!


Pricing $900 Plus Travel Expense


Rogues hollow can come out to your location to take photos of you event or business. Whether its here in Ohio or all the way in California we can come to you and shoot your haunt and actors. Photography costs are $800 (plus travel expense) for a minimum of 10 finished photos for promotion of your event. Depending on the haunt we can provide a ridiculous number of photos. If you have great make up and sets then its more likely we’ll have a lot more photos when all is said and done. For example when we went to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride we ended up providing over 50 photos! So let us shoot your haunt! Contact us to schedule an appointment!

Photo shoot: $900 (plus travel expense)
ADD HDR Photography of your best scenes for $150 more. (See details below)

HDR Photography: HDR Photography requires more time and usually has to be done after a haunt closes or before it opens so nothing is moving in the scenes.  It can easily take 1-2 hours just to shoot the best scenes in a haunt.  They also take longer to process and edit in post so we require a additional fee of $150 if you want us to include HDR photos of your attraction.

PHOTO AND VIDEO SERVICES PACKAGE $1500 + TRAVEL EXPENSES: Want us to come out and shoot both video and photos of your haunt?  We can!
Special package price of $1400 plus Travel expenses! 

Want to See More Photos?  Check out our Photography Portfolio



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