I am quite the fan of John Carpenter’s Halloween, however probably not as much as some. This past summer I got a sneak peak at something Brian from was working on and I knew immediately I had to have it! He sent me some early photos of his New Myers mask called “Rage” and I saw the closest I’ve seen any mask come to looking like the movie poster for Halloween 4! So we arranged to have a full body pose-able prop made of Michael Myers to haunt my home. This week I was able to finally go and pick Michael up and all I have to say Brian has made another masterpiece!

Its hard to get a sense of the full scale of this prop but it stands about 6′ 4″ and carries a big knife! To say that its a bit creepy to have sitting in you’re TV room is an understatement. The mask is very expressive and sometimes I swear it changes expression! LOL! Beyond the Grave has proven to me once again that they’re on the cutting edge of great Halloween props for collectors and attractions alike! I recommend highly these Full body props and urge you to visit – to get one of your own!