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Basic Web site packages begin at $1100
Hourly Rates and Webmaster Services
Design Time Hourly Rates: $95/hour
Website Updates Hourly Rates: $85 /hour
Video Work Hourly: $110/hour
Webmaster Services: $55.00 /hour (requires service contract and pre-purchase of at least 10 hours)


our Website Marketing Packages are all out web and print marketing assault packages designed for haunted attractions, bands, films, events, and more! The packages include web design, graphic design, promotional design and even Search engine optimization, graphics for Facebook pages & Twitter Accounts, and more! Click here for more details on this exciting service!

For a Details & Pricing of our 2018 Marketing Packages Click Here

We tailor each project to fit your UNIQUE NEEDS! So don’t hesitate to email or call and tell us what you need!


Creative marketing is more important than ever before! Rogues Hollow creates stunning posters, advertisements, billboards and so much more! We can take your business to the next level in your market.


In 2002 Rogues Hollow made a real splash in the haunt industry with our “movie-like” flash introductions for our clients. Since those humble beginnings we dove head first into full video production and began creating movie trailer level material for haunted houses nationwide! We can film footage of your house in operation or create a storyline movie trailer for your event!

Visit Our Video Production Section for More Details & Pricing


We like taking photos! We’ve done it for haunted attractions, events, film shoots, and even restaurants. Now we’d like to do it for you. We shoot on the Canon & Sony Cameras using the latest in adobe software to touch up and finish photos. We recently started shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos that bring out the details in a photo like never before!

We have lots more information and examples on our Photography Services Page HERE


The core of any good website is its ability to reach as many “targeted” visitors as possible and increase the sales coming to your event or attraction.  Rogues Hollow Productions has been providing keyword and meta tag optimization for years and we continue to improve our abilities and understanding of optimization so your site never falls behind. We offer marketing packages that include optimization of each page of your site.


All websites hosted by Rogues Hollow Productions includes statistics programs to analyze the traffic on your website. In addition to this we will also be offering to set up Google Analytics to your site in order to give you the best and most accurate information regarding the visitors to your site.  With Google Analytics you’ll be able to determine where your traffic is coming from, whether advertising on a portal or website is benefiting your event, or if the meta tags are doing their job. We’ll assist you with understanding your analytics and provide strategies based on our experiences to best use the information for future marketing.  With the cost of online advertising it’s important to have accurate data to base your marketing decisions on.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep track of your website.


Rogues Hollow Web Hosting is only available to new and current clients of Rogues Hollow. For more information please contact us.


If you didn’t find what you need contact us today to discuss your project and see what Rogues Hollow Productions can do for you. To learn more about our services, please contact us directly. Consultations are always Free!
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