The last year has been an epic year for Rogues Hollow Video Production Services! We shot haunts all over the country and even a few escape rooms! For the 2017 show reel I decided it was time to do a short horror intro for the reel inspired by one of my favorite Italian horror flicks, Demons.  With some help from Bud Stross and his talented cadre of actors at the Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati I was able to create this fun 80's throwback intro for the 2017 reel. Check it out below and tell us what you think! ...

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81k-vBQXpeL._SL1435_Back in 2002 I was finally getting Rogues Hollow up and officially in the haunted house industry and my first Haunted House client was a man Named Larry Wade Carrell. He was a very sweet man with a big dream to open a haunted house in Houston called, The Nest. The website I created was my first big foray into all Flash website design and by todays standards its pretty low tech and outdated but it was pretty special at the time. Larry worked closely with me and we really built some fun and cool imagery that people to this day remember and comment on at tradeshows. The Haunt’s story was a pretty wordy one about a Jason-like character, named Jacob, that goes on a killing spree and is now haunting The Nest. Unfortunately it didn’t do too well that first year and Larry decided what he really wanted to do was make movies. Of course the Nest lives on today in Phoenix Arizona each October! But Larry never forgot about the story and finally last year he was able bring the story of Jacob Kell and The Nest to life in a full length feature!

We just premiered this video at Transworld in St. Louis and now we're pleased to finally show it off to everyone! Our 2013 Show Reel features our best video from the last year.  It it you'll find clips from Pennhurst, LA Hayride, The Bates Motel, Killer's Haunted House along with clips from our short film work. My favorite part though has to be the Opening piece we shot last November out at the Haunted Trail of Horror in Kenton Ohio.  Big thanks to all the participants from the Haunted trail and especially our dead female victim, Wendy Howard, who is trooper for putting up with all the cold disgusting places we've made her lay and crawl in over the last few years!  The opening shots were of course inspired by the show that set me on my current path way back in 1996, the underated and horrifying, Millennium (1996-1999). So without further...

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Arcade is are latest horror short filmed in conjunction with Beyond the Grave Productions under our combined "Beyond Rogue Films". We shot this starting last spring in an all night film shoot at Bonkers PLayland AKA Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum, in Flint Michigan. Its an amazing location because its an arcade that looks like its right out of the 1980's! We found a great leading lady that fit the look we wanted perfectly and our friend Jon Shroyer came out to do some amazing blood effects! We set out to make something of a tribute to Italian Giallo films of the 1970's and 80's. These films were made by the greats such as Argento, Bava, and Fulci. They were often weird gory films with total breaks in logic and comprehension but they almost always featured a leather gloved killer. So check out this...

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Everything you’ve heard is true! Michael Dougherty’s long awaited, studio mishandled Trick R’ Treat is the best Halloween Movie to come out in 30 years! How this movie went direct to DVD and is not in theatres right now scaring the crap out of huge audiences is still a mystery. Did the studio really not know how to market this Halloween gem or was there another reason? I doubt we’ll find out anytime soon. But what is clear is that they mishandled one of the most original horror films I’ve seen in years.

It’s not a secret that I absolutely love Halloween 3. Yes I’m aware that it has nothing to do with Michael Myers and that’s precisely why it’s such a cinematic oddity. Now Shout Factory has released Halloween 3 on a lovingly re-mastered Blu-ray with lots of extras so it seemed like a great opportunity to revisit this misunderstood film.

After the success of Halloween parts 1 and 2 John Carpenter and Debra Hill Decided they had told the story of Michael Myers and it was time to try something new. Their concept was that they would keep the Halloween name alive and release new films that took place around the holiday. They brought in Nigel Neale who wrote the Quatermass films of the 50’s and 60’s to create a more psychological story about a Irish mask maker who wants to punish the world for not taking Halloween seriously. Interesting side note, The Quatermass films heavily inspired the X-Files so much so that they’re are striking similarities between Fight The Future and one of the Quatermass films.

Today August 19th 2012 is the 14th anniversary of Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. The film is often cited as one of the weaker films of the series and by many Freddy fans its outright hated but today I’m going to sing its praises!

While Nightmare 3 certainly introduced Freddy as a wise cracking ghoul, it was Nightmare 4 that truly embraced that role and ran with it. For me Nightmare 4 has a very special place in my heart. One Hot and muggy afternoon in August of 88′ I went to my local theater with my best friend and watched Nightmare 4 with glee! I was only 11 at the time and it was the first horror film I was allowed to go see in theaters.

In May of 2011 Brian Lashchuk of Beyond The Grave Productions came down to my side of town with his beat up serial killer van and we shot a short film called "compulsion". The story was originally Brian's idea of a serial killer that finally gets his comeuppance. We expanded the story a bit, Brian volunteered to be the killer and I shot the whole thing, did the sound, and edited it. It was a 2 day whirlwind of a shoot and it was in the 90's with high humidity the whole time. Now in 2012 a year later there are definetly things I would have done differently and there's a couple badly lit scenes but overall it turned out pretty well. It's heavily inspired by "The X-Files" and my favorite show "Millennium". Check it out and let us know what you think. ...

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John Carpenter’s The Fog was released in February of 1980 but the story takes place in April 21st 1980, the 100th Anniversary of the small Town of Antonio Bay. So with Today being the 21st of April it seemed like a good time to go back and pay tribute to this great film!

After the success of Halloween Carpenter decided to take on the classic ghost story after seeing a distant fog bank while on vacation one night. That planted the seed that would become The Fog. The film is about the small seaside town of Antonio Bay that’s about to celebrate their 100th anniversary. However the anniversary mysteriously falls on the same anniversary as the sinking of the Elizabeth Dane, a clipper ship that followed a false fire on the shore to their doom and crashed on the rocks and sunk taking the entire crew with her.

Transworld's Haunted Attraction & Halloween show was this past weekend and I'm exhausted! Its always a race to get everything done in time for the show and then its 3 days of insanity that goes by way too fast! I had a great time and picked up quite a bit of business as well! I made a new video for the show detailing some of the work I've done in the last year. The music comes from a somewhat famous movie and I will give the first 2 people who can email me with the title of that movie a Free 2012 Rogues Hollow T-shirt! Watch the video below then email me at [email protected] if you know the score! httpvh:// We have a few filming projects coming up this spring and I've already scheduled 2 haunts for filming during the season. If you are a...

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