Trick Or Treat Studios Halloween 2 Mask

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So yesterday I got my Halloween 2 Mask (with Blood Tears) from Trick Or Treat Studios. Right off the bat let me preface this by saying this is the best “Mass Produced” Michael Myers Mask I’ve personally have ever seen. I can’t think of a more screen accurate mask that was officially licensed and sold the the public in mass like this before. With the possible exception of the “screen acurate” crappy Halloween 8 mask that looked nothing like the classic Myers we all know.

Ok that said, I am a Halloween Fan and I have some problems with this mask that I need to point out. The biggest problem for me is the paint scheme. For whatever reason Trick or Treat Studios decided to try to give it artificial shading as if a light was directly above it casting shadows below the neck and nose. So you can see in the photo to the right the and above the shadowing under the nose that’s painted on. You can also see in the photo to the right that there’s shadowing under the neck that’s redish brown that I guess is supposed to resemble shadowing as well as blood? I’m not real sure why they thought it had to be painted this way. I’d much rather it just be a nice dirty overall paint job and then you can use your own dramatic lighting to make it look properly menacing, if that matters.

Thickness: The thickness is good, its not as thick as maybe something you would get from Death Studios or some other independent mask maker but this Halloween 2 mask has a good thickness for a production mask that should hold up just fine under normal use. Its not really a display piece thickness that will hold up well when hung on a mask stand so you will need to either pack it with foam or some other material to get the shape. The hair looks good on it and appears to me to match closely to the films. When you look at this mask in low lighting its pretty awesome which you can see in the first image in this post. It has the look and the sculpt was done with care and precision to make it look as accurate to screen as possible and it has one detail that really surprised me and that’s a bloody spot where the hanger stabbed Michael in Halloween 1 when Jaime Lee was fighting him at the end of the film. It of course would have carried over to the H2 so it was a cool little detail. The mask is over sized which is to be expected from a production mask.

Final Thoughts: For $60 you can’t really go wrong with this mask. Its affordable and it looks great hanging on the wall in my office. Its simply the best Halloween 2 mask that’s been officially licensed and mass produced. While I’m not in love with the paint scheme on the mask its still a nice addition to my collection and I would recommend it to Halloween fans. Some More photos below!

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Retro Horror Review: John Carpenters The Fog

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John Carpenter’s The Fog was released in February of 1980 but the story takes place in April 21st 1980, the 100th Anniversary of the small Town of Antonio Bay. So with Today being the 21st of April it seemed like a good time to go back and pay tribute to this great film!

After the success of Halloween Carpenter decided to take on the classic ghost story after seeing a distant fog bank while on vacation one night. That planted the seed that would become The Fog. The film is about the small seaside town of Antonio Bay that’s about to celebrate their 100th anniversary. However the anniversary mysteriously falls on the same anniversary as the sinking of the Elizabeth Dane, a clipper ship that followed a false fire on the shore to their doom and crashed on the rocks and sunk taking the entire crew with her.


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Michael Myers goes to Psychotherapy

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Over the weekend Brian & Trisha from Beyond the Grave Productions came to town and with the help of my Sister and her fiancee we shot this funny little video featuring the more mundane elements of Michael Myers life, going to therapy. We think its pretty funny but let me know what you think in the comments to this post or on my Youtube Page.

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2010 Halloween Yard Display Video

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Here it is at last! My 2010 yard haunt video is here accompanied by the chilling sounds of John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness theme. Watch the video below and leave your comments!

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2010 Halloween yard Display Photos

by  on Oct.29, 2010, under Halloween, Haunted Houses, photography

I put together some of my favorite photos and added them to my flickr account. Let me know what you think! Check them out here:

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Trick or Treat

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Tonight was the night and we gave it our all! The final yard display was looking pretty kick ass as you can see from the photo. Unfortunately I couldn’t do the fog this year like I wanted. It was insanely windy all day and I would have been an exercise in futility to try to get my yard to fill with fog. Oh well, maybe next year. My new fence turned out to be a great addition to the yard. it kept the kids from walking through the display and it gave the house a spooky finishing touch I’ve never had before. Now I think I’ll leave it up to spring and hope for it to rust a bit.

The bad news was we had less than half as many kids come this year. I’m not sure why, perhaps its the economy or just my street. Not many people seem to want to participate here. I’m seriously considering a newspaper ad next year and calling it “Nightmare on Broadway Street”. Too much? Maybe, but I’m tired of not getting enough people and being left with too much candy after.

This was the first year where I had people taking their pictures in front of my house! There were several people getting there picture taken standing in front of the fence with the Sam from Trick r’ Treat standing behind them in the yard. Pretty cool that people were digging it enough to take a photo!

Brian and Trisha from Beyond the Grave Productions were Awesome in getting me a Sam made just in time for Trick ‘r Treat! You can see a photo of him standing in the yard below. That’s a Beyond the Grave Michael Myers on the hill above. I have lots more photos on the way that I should finish Friday and a video I’m hoping to have done very soon as well. Stay Tuned and Happy Halloween!

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Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

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After the success of 2 Halloween films starring Michael Myers John Carpenter grew tired of retreading the same story. So He and producer Debra Hill decided to continue the Halloween series in name only by making more films that centered around the holiday in some way. It was a noble idea and so the hired Nigel Neale who wrote the Quatermass films to pen a screenplay. However the studio thought it too cerebral and wanted more horror and scares so Tommy Lee Wallace was eventually brought in to rewrite the screenplay and was tapped to direct as well. The story about a mask company called Silver Shamrock that has a sinister plan for the children who buy their masks was far removed from that of the slashing Myers and not surprisingly audiences rejected it outright.

The Trailer above certainly gives a bit of a false impression that its a slasher movie which couldn’t be further from the truth. My first introduction to the film was the mid 1980’s on VHS and I had much the same reaction as everyone else. However about 3 years ago I went back and revisited the film and was very surprised by how much I liked it. Its a silly story about a crazy mask maker named Conal Cochran that wants to punish kids for stealing Halloween away from its Celtic roots by murdering them with evil masks. The film opens with a man being perused by 2 others. He manages to escape and collapses in a gas station clutching a pumpkin Halloween mask. The attendant brings the man to the hospital where the Great Tom Atkins, playing drunk doctor named Challis, stabilizes the man. Soon after one of the man’s pursuers arrives at the hospital sneaks into his room and crushes the mans skull. Challis gives chase but the stranger exits the hospital, gets in a car, douses himself in Gasoline and lights a match resulting in a huge explosion. The next day the man’s daughter Ellie enlists Challis to help her make sense of why her father was running and what the Halloween Masks had to do with them setting them on the trail of Silver Shamrock.

The films storyline is pretty thin and the actors all seem to be trying to compete with each other over who can chew the most scenery. Mr Rafferty the owner of the only motel in Santa Mira where the Silver Shamrock company operates, is bigger than life with his Irish accent. Tom Atkins proves to be quite the ladies man when Ellie coyly asks him where he’d like to sleep he responds with the smoothest of lines “That’s a stupid question Ms. Grimbridge”. Leading to a night of passionate sex. That’s why he’s the silver fox.

What sets the film apart from so many other 80’s horror films is the direction. Tommy Lee Wallace, an art director on the first Halloween makes his directorial debut here. He’s very inspired by Carpenter and with Dean Cundey as the Cinematographer you have a film that looks and feels very much like a Carpenter film. The shots are wide and take advantage of the anamorphic widescreen giving the film a bigger feel than its meager budget would suggest. The lighting is very reminiscent of the Halloween films and of Carpenter films in general. The music, composed by Carpenter and Alan Howarth is the best of the series after the original film. The dissonant rumblings and electronic noises matched with the more typical timings of Carpenters music makes for a great spooky soundtrack that manages to find its way into my playlist this time of the year.

The movie fails only because it promises Halloween and delivers a creepy little tale about a insane Halloween Mask company instead. Had the film been released on its own without the Halloween banner I think it would be much more fondly remembered today as a stand out 80’s horror flick. If you can go into Season of the Witch on its own merits and forget about the Halloween series then you’re in for a good time. So give it a shot if you get the chance this Halloween, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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Twisted Toybox Masks, Props, and Awesomeness!

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Mask Lineup

A couple months ago Chris Russel at Twisted Toybox contacted me about redoing his aging website.  I’ve been a fan of Chris’ work for some time.  I even ordered a couple mask from him over the last 3 years including his awesome fathers Day costume from Creepshow!  I was psyched to work with him on this new site so psyched that I just asked for masks as part of the payment.  Last week my big box of spooky stuff landed on my porch and I was like a kid on Christmas morning!  I took a quick photo lineup of the masks above which you can see are awesome but my favorite has to be the Hockey Mask Killer that is just a really unique take on Jason Vorhees.  The pumpkin mask may very well end up on a scarecrow prop I’ve been playing with doing for my yard haunt and you may see some of those face masks show up on some posters or websites I work on this season:)

I also got the very cool Little Shop of Horror Audrey II prop that Chris makes.  Little Shop of Horrors is still the only musical I will watch and I often find myself humming music from the film adaptation.  It’s already turned out to be a great conversation piece and everyone that has seen it in my office loves it.

Latex Logos by Twisted Toybox
Chris is also making some very cool Latex logos now which he made for me and my side business  You can see those to the right.  What are Latex logos?  They look like skin so the idea is to cut a hole in a t-shirt and use them as very unique item to sell at your haunt or event.  I can’t recommend these enough! they are a really unique idea and will be a great premium collectible for a haunt to sell in their gift shop.

Finally Chris is also now selling this garbage can toppers that you see in the video below.  These can be used for a variety of applications.  They fit on top of a 50 gallon drum and can be used as trash can toppers, fog head, a centerpiece for your display or just about any other application you can think of.  Visit and check some of this stuff out! You won’t be disappointed.  Everything I’ve ever received from Chris has been of the best quality and looks amazing!

Visit Twisted

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