Friday the 13th will be here in just a week! I’m a little cautious with my excitement this year. The last time we saw Jason in theatres was in the Freddy vs. Jason and there’s just no getting around how terrible that film was. Sure it had some decent kills but it was like they deliberately looked for the worst actors they could find to fill in the parts. The plot had a decent concept but they trashed it with the way it was presented. I mean seriously, how can you expect the audience to go along with the idea that the lead actress met the love of her life when she was 12?! Maybe the real question is how can you cast a lead actor that can’t seem to stop smiling even when he’s delivering news of someones death? On top of that they had the worst Jason of any Friday movie. I know, How hard is it to be Jason?! You just have to lumber around and stab people in clever ways.

Ok so The remake is on its way and the previews look promising. The movie looks like its going the way of taking it seriously with decent young actors and good direction. I grew up on Jason movies and for some reason He was always my favorite as a kid. Even more so than Freddy or Michael Myers, Jason seemed to resonate with me. It might have been the mask or the fear I had watching him hack up campers. In fact Friday the 13th was one of the first Horror films I have a memory of watching on cable, with my mom of all people, when i was still in day care! Now you know why this kind of work is where I ended up!

Somehow I doubt that this time around we’ll see Jason starring in 9 sequels. I don’t see the concept of milking a slasher character for multiple sequels lasting beyond 1 or 2 today. I think the Saw movies are probably just about to ruin that for everyone this year. However I’m excited about seeing some old school horror next week! Horror seems to be on a role this year and I just hope it keeps up!