Why do people seem to like this movie? There’s been some positive reviews from some horror sites that I thought should have known better. The first Laid to Rest is a passable slasher flick with bad acting, a interesting killer and amazing gore effects. While its nothing to write home about it is a fairly fun film though far from a great one. So I finally got around to watching the sequel and Its like a completely different movie. The killer somehow survives the end of the first film and is picked up by an shadowy organization of people that seem to be there solely to support Chromeskull with his mission. Apparently the company motto is: Step 1 Kill people, Step 2 ?, and Step 3 profit. Its never really clear why this organization exists or why its supporting ChromeSkull. The lead douche CEO is terrible actor, Brian Austen Green who wants to take over ChromeSkull’s place and be head of the organization for some reason. Danielle Harris is along just to egg on Green to be the top killer.

Meanwhile the only survivor of the original film is Thomas Dekker who showed up at the very end of Laid to Rest. He’s gone from being a Frat boy character to a tight jeans wearing emo constantly moping around in front of the camera. When he’s not acting all dark and tortured he’s doing his best emo music video vamping.

Seriously this is just an example of everything that’s wrong with horror today. There’s nothing interesting going on here. In fact it feels like the film makers just put in all these mysteries just for the sake of having mysteries. It never feels like it actually means anything. If you told me the story was written by a 15 year old kid I wouldn’t be surprised because that’s exactly what it feels like. The tone and narrative of this movie feels like its coming from someone who thinks their being edgy and clever but in reality are just taking ideas from everything else and stirring them in the pot. Its too bad too because the first Laid to Rest had some potential and the beginnings of a back story that could have been strong. But ChromeSkull just squanders all of it and makes the whole plot some big mysterious conspiracy theory. There are a few decent gore scenes in here but that’s hardly worth the 90 minutes I wasted watching it.
1 out of 5 stars