Transworld’s Haunted Attraction & Halloween show was this past weekend and I’m exhausted! Its always a race to get everything done in time for the show and then its 3 days of insanity that goes by way too fast! I had a great time and picked up quite a bit of business as well! I made a new video for the show detailing some of the work I’ve done in the last year. The music comes from a somewhat famous movie and I will give the first 2 people who can email me with the title of that movie a Free 2012 Rogues Hollow T-shirt! Watch the video below then email me at [email protected] if you know the score!


We have a few filming projects coming up this spring and I’ve already scheduled 2 haunts for filming during the season. If you are a haunt interested in having Rogues Hollow Film your event and create a trailer with it then contact us soon to book now!