Campout Horror website for sale!

19 Feb , 2015
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

Are you a haunt looking to do a campout event this summer?  I have just the website for you!  I have a client who had to cancel their campout event and is now trying to sell off the website and graphic design we did for them.  The theme is that of a swamp monster and […]

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All New RoguesHollow.com

18 Feb , 2015
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

Not the best kept secret by any means but RoguesHollow.com has been redesigned in case it wan’t obvious. It had been about 3 years since the previous redesign and it was time for a change. The new look is responsive and incorporates video in better ways. Give it a once over and tell us what […]

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Read Haunted Attraction Magazine Issue 58 for FREE!

27 Oct , 2013
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

As some of you may already know I am now the co-publisher and art director for Haunted Attraction Magazine!  We’re all digital now which means you can only view the magazine on your Ipad, iphone, Android tablet or Android phone or you can view it on your PC or Mac.  Haunted Attraction Magazine is the […]

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Haunted Attraction Magazine and Digital Publishing

8 Aug , 2013
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

Many in the industry likely heard that HauntedHouse.com has acquired Haunted Attraction Magazine last month.  This means I’ll be co-publishing the new HA mag and will be handing all the art direction which I’m pretty excited about developing in the coming issues.  Today we made the announcement that HA will be a digital format magazine […]

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Stop Stealing Art!

10 Feb , 2013
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

So last night I had a fellow designer alert me to a website that not only stole artwork from one of my client’s site but also video! The evil art stealing dbags are TopHamTerrors.com and you can see the artwork and video here: http://www.tophamterrors.com/intro.html Which is theft from – http://www.bloodmanor.com/2012/index.html The designer is a company […]

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