In case you didn’t know, Microsoft has given up on the much hated release of Windows Vista. They’ve decided to just release a new version this fall called Windows 7 and pretend the nightmare of Vista never happened in the first place.

In preparation for its release Microsoft is allowing people to download a Release Candidate of Windows 7 for people to test and try out. Its a fully operational version and I’ve been using it now for about a month or so. I can honestly say that Windows 7 is what Vista should have been. Its doesn’t take up as many resources and runs very fast in comparison to vista. I have yet to have a blue screen creep up on me without notice and the new features have been very handy.

Windows 7 comes with so many new features that I have barely broken the surface in using them. My current favorite is the little pop up preview windows that come up as you run your mouse over minimized windows from your start bar. The annoying security notices are almost non-existent. Before in Vista you had to shut down all security notices or risk being constantly bombarded with them every time you tried opening any program, even Microsoft programs. I’ve seen the security notice pop up a few times but it has definitely been much less intrusive.

Visually it looks similar to Vista but there’s a lot more personalization to be had and themes are built in so you can download new ones right from microsoft. Its very easy to use as well. I’m actually very much looking forward to using Windows 7 on all my PC’s when its officially released. Its the Windows we should have gotten instead of Vista but I guess better, late than never.

If your tech saavy and interested in playing with Windows 7 check out the Official Site and download a copy. You can have full use of it through March of next year and partial use after that until June of 2010 then its time to buy your own.