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As some of you may already know I am now the co-publisher and art director for Haunted Attraction Magazine!  We’re all digital now which means you can only view the magazine on your Ipad, iphone, Android tablet or Android phone or you can view it on your PC or Mac.  Haunted Attraction Magazine is the oldest regularly published magazine in the industry and we’re making an effort to bring it back to its glory for the Digital age.  While the magazine might have been very haphazardly published in the past, we’re setting out to publish 4 issues a year and be punctual about it!  Best of all this new Special Halloween Issue featuring a video interview with Rob Zombie is available for FREE!  Yes FREE! So visit the all new to download the version for your device!

The New issue also features the TOP 31 Haunts in the USA, an interview with composer Chris Thomas, an article by me, and so much more!! Get yours Now!

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Haunted Attraction Magazine and Digital Publishing

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2013_Logo_finalMany in the industry likely heard that has acquired Haunted Attraction Magazine last month.  This means I’ll be co-publishing the new HA mag and will be handing all the art direction which I’m pretty excited about developing in the coming issues.  Today we made the announcement that HA will be a digital format magazine now.  This means you’ll be viewing it on your pads, phones, or computers.  I’ve already heard the cries of outrage from dead tree fans about what a travesty this is and I can’t say I have much sympathy on this.  Print magazines are dying and outdated and I imagine will likely become a thing of the past over the course of the next decade as more and more people use smartphones and tablets.   I get that there are some people that still want to sit and handle the paper but its just not where publishing is going and if you’re that eager to have a print copy you can always print it out on your printer I suppose.   We’re concerned with the future of publishing not the past and as someone who now gets almost all their reading material on a tablet these days, I have to say once you get used to it you wonder how you ever lived without it.

But the best part of why the move to digital is important is MEDIA!  Now every ad in the magazine will be hyper linked to that company, articles will feature videos and sound! As we go I imagine we’ll get more advanced and offer more rich media with the magazine than ever thought possible!  Its an exciting time for the Haunt Industry as we bring its premiere magazine into the future and make it bigger and better than ever before.  The first issue will be released next month! Stay tuned!

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Stop Stealing Art!

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So last night I had a fellow designer alert me to a website that not only stole artwork from one of my client’s site but also video! The evil art stealing dbags are and you can see the artwork and video here:
Which is theft from –
The designer is a company I’ve never heard of and a quick perusal of their site I didn’t find any other sites they created that infringed on my artwork. But the facts is they went to blood manor stole the image background there then downloaded the video from and slipped in a few additional video clips and decided to call it their own.

In addition to this they took video clips from and peppered them throughout their site. This ones even worse since Thornhill Woods Haunted House is a Home haunt and they used their family and friends for the videos so its pretty obvious where they came from. Whats worse is is apparently in close proximity to Thornhill Woods haunted house and so it is bilwidering why the owner of chose a local home haunt to steal from when people will quickly figure it out.

So since this happened I alerted my clients to it. My client in Thornhill woods told me the guy at TopHamTerrors isn’t taking anything down because the owner thinks its ok to steal and change things slightly then reuse them. Which brings me to a bigger issue. A year or so ago I had a heated argument with a young “designer” who argued he could take whatever image he wanted from another artist as long as he changed it a little and then claim it as his own. What scares me is there seems to be how a lot of people think. They believe a Google Image search means “Free Photos” they can take to use. Its a big problem with not only the haunt industry but also the design business in general.

The Blood Manor artwork uses a very famous house in California. This is a mansion that has been copied and done to death a thousand times in the industry and I’m certainly aware of that. But Blood Manor is the client and they wanted to use that house. While I tried to convince them otherwise they were set on using it and what they want is what I’m paid to do. So I went out of my way to find a photographer to purchase a photo of the house because that’s what you do. You don’t go out and take something that already exists. I then heavily modified the house’ porch and of course added all the other elements including the yard, trees, fence etc. There’s hours of work that go into a piece like that and for someone to just claim they can spend 5 minutes making some changes to it and they own it is like a punch in the face.

If you are a designer then you should know there are plenty of Stock photography websites you can go find photos and use for your haunt art. So do everyone a favor, especially your clients, and legally purchase photos or take photos yourself and Photoshop them yourself. Don’t steal. You may get away with it for awhile but it will catch up with you and when it does I hope you’re ready for the consequences.

UPDATE 2/11/13
I spoke with the owner of Topham Terror who admitted that the designer of this website, DarkNET Designs had nothing to do with the artwork from Blood Manor. Topham now claims they purchased the artwork and video from someone on Hauntworld but can’t remember the name apparently. Yeah, right. So anyway I want to make it clear that DarkNET did not knowingly use the copyrighted artwork from Blood

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An All New Rogues Hollow Productions

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Its been quite a few year since I’ve given a full overhaul and rebuilt it from scratch. The Last few versions of the site have always used recycled parts. This new Version of uses the sparkly new HTML5 and CSS3 technology and while I’m still not a big fan of the language I realize its the future.

This means we will be offering HTML5 sites from here on out and we have a system in the works to replace our current Boogie Flash Superbeast package with as much of an interactive experience as we can get HTML5 to allow. However that package won’t be available until after the first of the new year. If you want to get on the waiting list now and lock in getting one of these new packages you can do so by emailing me. The rest of our packages have been updated for 2013 and I’m offering 10% off now through the end of the year on all of them so if you want Rogues Hollow to do your site and you want to save some money then now is the time to order! Visit the Website Marketing Packages Page here!

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Rogues Hollow Banner ad Exchange system to End

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I’m making some big changes to Rogues Hollow next week, a new look, new services, and as a result I’m getting rid of some of the older stuff on the site that doesn’t get much use. This includes the Banner exchange system (AKA The Rogues Hollow Network) that I set up way back in 2005. It uses outdated software that is no longer supported and lets face it, banner exchanges aren’t really much of a thing anymore so unfortunately its time to let it go. If you are currently on the Rogues Hollow Network then be aware that sometime next week the exchange will stop working. Thank You to all those who participated in it over the years!

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Happy Halloween From Rogues Hollow!

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Its finally here! I wish I had some new special video or wallpaper to give you today in celebration but the last few days have been a bit crazy due to the storm closings and limited internet connectivity. 2012 has been a crazy year with our move from one town to another during the first week of October, travel to New York, LA, and Philadelphia for video and photos and finally things have started to settle down a bit. But fear not there are good things coming in the next couple months, including new videos, a new, maybe even some new Christmas Nightmares video, and some new freebies in our stuff section! 2013 should be a great year!

In the mean time here’s our Halloween Trailer from a couple years ago

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Killers: A Nightmare Haunted House Photos

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Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to fly out to New York City and shoot one of the most unique and intense haunts I’ve ever seen! I say that in all honesty and I’ve seen so many haunts that nothing really shocks or scares me at this point but Killers managed to surprise me in many ways. I realized very early on that this was a lot more than just another haunted house. The sets are very real and built by theater professionals. You’ll immediatly feel like you’ve been transported to a real location when you step into each room. Even the street where Jack the Ripper lurks, looks and feels like a real alley from Victorian London! The haunt has come under some controversy due to its theme of “Serial Killers” but it doesn’t glamorize these people in any way. In fact several of the scenes are outright chilling. The Jeffrey Dahmer scene is more or less a monologue that sent a shiver up my spine. The Gacy scene has to be seen to be believed but you’ll likely feel like you need a shower after walking through it. Overall I was very surprised at the realism of the haunt and thats what made it stand out over so many others I’ve seen. Its scary, its real, and it doesn’t pull any punches.

I took many many photos while I was there and i have them shared on my Flickr account for all to see. One of my photos has even appeared in both the Print and Online Editions of The New York Times! See all the photos here!

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Trick Or Treat Studios Halloween 2 Mask

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So yesterday I got my Halloween 2 Mask (with Blood Tears) from Trick Or Treat Studios. Right off the bat let me preface this by saying this is the best “Mass Produced” Michael Myers Mask I’ve personally have ever seen. I can’t think of a more screen accurate mask that was officially licensed and sold the the public in mass like this before. With the possible exception of the “screen acurate” crappy Halloween 8 mask that looked nothing like the classic Myers we all know.

Ok that said, I am a Halloween Fan and I have some problems with this mask that I need to point out. The biggest problem for me is the paint scheme. For whatever reason Trick or Treat Studios decided to try to give it artificial shading as if a light was directly above it casting shadows below the neck and nose. So you can see in the photo to the right the and above the shadowing under the nose that’s painted on. You can also see in the photo to the right that there’s shadowing under the neck that’s redish brown that I guess is supposed to resemble shadowing as well as blood? I’m not real sure why they thought it had to be painted this way. I’d much rather it just be a nice dirty overall paint job and then you can use your own dramatic lighting to make it look properly menacing, if that matters.

Thickness: The thickness is good, its not as thick as maybe something you would get from Death Studios or some other independent mask maker but this Halloween 2 mask has a good thickness for a production mask that should hold up just fine under normal use. Its not really a display piece thickness that will hold up well when hung on a mask stand so you will need to either pack it with foam or some other material to get the shape. The hair looks good on it and appears to me to match closely to the films. When you look at this mask in low lighting its pretty awesome which you can see in the first image in this post. It has the look and the sculpt was done with care and precision to make it look as accurate to screen as possible and it has one detail that really surprised me and that’s a bloody spot where the hanger stabbed Michael in Halloween 1 when Jaime Lee was fighting him at the end of the film. It of course would have carried over to the H2 so it was a cool little detail. The mask is over sized which is to be expected from a production mask.

Final Thoughts: For $60 you can’t really go wrong with this mask. Its affordable and it looks great hanging on the wall in my office. Its simply the best Halloween 2 mask that’s been officially licensed and mass produced. While I’m not in love with the paint scheme on the mask its still a nice addition to my collection and I would recommend it to Halloween fans. Some More photos below!

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