Why do people seem to like this movie? There’s been some positive reviews from some horror sites that I thought should have known better. The first Laid to Rest is a passable slasher flick with bad acting, a interesting killer and amazing gore effects. While its nothing to write home about it is a fairly fun film though far from a great one. So I finally got around to watching the sequel and Its like a completely different movie. The killer somehow survives the end of the first film and is picked up by an shadowy organization of people that seem to be there solely to support Chromeskull with his mission. Apparently the company motto is: Step 1 Kill people, Step 2 ?, and Step 3 profit. Its never really clear why this organization exists or why its supporting ChromeSkull. The lead douche CEO is terrible actor, Brian Austen Green who wants to take over ChromeSkull’s place and be head of the organization for some reason. Danielle Harris is along just to egg on Green to be the top killer.

About 2 years ago one of my clients needed a piece of art for a Valentine's weekend promotion. I shot some cool photos of a bloody heart in a box of candy and that became their art for the show. This year they are doing it again so I thought I'd take a stab at making a video to go with the artwork just to see what I could come up with. So one evening I took my camera, some Valentine's Day trappings, such as candy, bubbly, love letters, and the like to a nice run down location I had access to. I was inspired by the opening of American Horror Story and even mimicked their flashlight in the dark effect for the very beginning of the short. I'm very happy with the result and It does tell a pretty dark story in less than...

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My first viewing of John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing destroyed me. It absolutely terrified me with its insane creature design and the overwhelming feeling of dread and hopelessness was mind blowing for me at 9 or 10 years old. It had a lasting impact on me and as I got a little older It became one of my favorite all time horror films. When it was rumored that there would be another remake of the film the fans were enraged over it and for good reason. John Carpenter’s original was a bomb when it was originally released in the summer of 1982. However it soon found its audience on home video and has rightfully taken its place as the masterpiece film of Carpenter’s career. The film was overwhelmingly paranoid and dark and the special effects are still unrivaled.