One of the best shows on TV these days is Fringe and its in danger of being canceled this year despite its loyal fan base. Why? Well not enough people are watching, plain and simple. The show is an intelligent sci-fi procedural that demands a bit more of its audience than insipid happy crap like Glee or whatever Reality show is popular now. The other problem is the show started out of the gate very weak 3 years ago. In fact I gave up on the first season after 3 or 4 episodes because it never seemed to rise above being a less plausible and more intellectual version of the X-Files. I got bored and walked away until my mom, of all people, told me the show was getting really good with this alternate universe storyline. So I gave it another chance and fell head over heals in love with it. The writing had become top notch, the storyline felt like it had a lot of momentum going forward and the characters were much deeper.

Now the show is in its third season and despite having a very interesting storyline regarding a battle between our universe and another parallel universe, the show has been struggling for ratings. Its produced by JJ Abrams who brought us the latest Star Trek and of course Lost but Abrams and Co. apparently learned something from Lost and have given Fringe a very real storyline with a goal at the end. Each week I look forward to watching this show because it never ceases to entertain and surprise me with where it goes and I love that! It can be a bit tough to jump into though so brushing up on Wikipedia or the like might be a good way to catch up before watching your first episode but its a rewarding series and it deserves more viewers. Its one of the few shows on Television today thats consistenly intelligent, funny, scary, and surprising and you should be watching it!

Fringe airs Fridays at 9PM on FOX. The next New Episode airs this Friday!