I’ve seen some pretty heinous examples of stolen artwork since starting Rogues Hollow but this one surprised even me. A designer who calls himself “Andy the Great” has stolen an entire site layout, the flash header and even the music from one of my sites! See the side by side below. You can see my site at www.spookyranch.com then see “Andy The Great”‘s stolen version at http://factoryfear.com/index.html. Feel free to email Andy and tell him how great he really is if he cannot even come up with his own website design.

Spooktacular Night Site by Me

Stolen Artwork and flash by “Andy the Great”
Advice for up and coming designers. If you cannot create a site without stealing artwork then obviously you are in the wrong business and don’t have any talent whatsoever. So quit now! Stealing art isn’t cool and it just proves to the world what a hack you are.