I’ve been spending some time the last couple weeks trying to get caught up on TV I missed while I was in Arizona and yesterday I got to watch this years Simpsons Halloween episode which starts out well with an election parody but then falls apart and becomes the worst Halloween episode ever. There’s only one segment in the show that really deals with Halloween while the other 2 parody a basic cable TV series and a Christmas segment parody of Transformers. I mean really, who’s brilliant idea was it to have a Christmas story in the Halloween episode?

The Simpsons has long ago passed its prime and its simply sunk into the rut of making parodies of much better earlier episodes from 15 years ago. Remember when the Halloween episodes parodied horror and sci fi movies? The show has really lost its heart and ability to tell coherent well written stories. Here’s to hoping that someday it might find its way back and stop trying to be “Family Guy”.