A couple weeks back I wrote about my concern for the quality of the X-Files movie that was released this weekend. My concerns were rather founded it seems since the critics and fans alike are calling it not only a bad movie but one of the worst of the summer. I read one fan say if this had been an episode of the X-Files Series that it would have been considered the worst episode of the run. That’s saying something. Needless to say I decided to skip having my favorite TV show of all time slaughtered before my eyes and instead chose to catch the Dark Knight.

I could gush over the dark knight pretty easily. This movie is not only the best movie of the summer, It was for me, the best superhero movie ever! I was shocked at the level of storytelling in it and the overall message of it. Heath Ledger became the Joker and that’s all I can say. I never thought during the film, “oh that’s Heath Ledger”. Being a fan of the comics when I was young I was just blown away that a film maker finally understood Batman’s struggle and got it right.

The film is so much better than the first one that It almost doesn’t feel like its part of that series. I would almost venture to say that it was a masterpiece of cinema and storytelling. I can’t remember the last time I walked out of a theater and said “wow!” and meant it in an un-ironic way:)

Ok so even though I love this film here’s the problems I found: Batman’s raspy voice is skirting the edge of unintentionally funny. The whole trip to Hong Kong probably could have been cut for time but I did enjoy it none the less. The Sonar technology seemed just a touch over the top in its final use. I still find Maggie Gyllenhall as off-putting.

That said these problems don’t hamper the film one Iota and its just a great, great movie. The message of hope, and “Doing good” are heady subjects in this film but they’re rather timely and well handled. If you haven’t seen this film yet go do it. I’m going again next week:)