If your not watching Supernatural then your missing the best Genre TV series since the X-Files during its prime. The series started out with the “monster of the week” type formula with 2 brothers out searching for their missing father while encountering supernatural beings, ghosts, demons and so on. I really liked the series from the beginning. The Brothers Sam and Dean seem like people you know. Just average likable guys that are thrown into strange situations each week. The show is scary, funny and at times even poignant and touching.

Season 3, in case you missed it really took the show to new places and expanded the universe. Much like The X-Files during its 3rd and 4th seasons the series is really finding its stride and creating a mythology that sucks you in and keeps you there. Season 4 is basically setting up a war between heaven and hell with angels and demons on earth trying to sway the results in their favor. Sam and Dean are still right in the middle of it. Dean spent last summer in Hell while Sam honed his skills at exorcising demons with his mind with the help of a renegade demon named Ruby. Which is creating a very interesting team that’s supposed to save the world.

The series will be returning Jan. 15th 2009 with new episodes and frankly I can’t wait. If you are missing this show or think its kids stuff since its on the CW then you doing yourself a disservice. I originally thought it was going to be another silly series like Buffy or Charmed when it started but was I ever wrong. Supernatural is a dark, scary and funny ride that I look forward to each week.