After a very, very, bumpy start Supernatural’s 6th, I might add unnecessary, season is finally finding its legs and pulling together a new arc that is starting to hold some interest. (SPOILERS AHEAD) The first 2 episodes of the season set up Sam’s return from Hell and the return of Sam and Dean’s long dead grandfather which I still don’t understand. In addition to that we got a handful of characters from the Campbell clan that are too boring and unremarkable to even recall. Then finally Sam and Dean got back together and started hunting again and things started to look up. Then Last week we got the excellent Bobby centered episode where the boys finally stopped whining long enough to help Bobby get his soul back. It was a darkly sweet episode directed by Dean himself, Jensen Ackles, and put Kenny Rogers song “the Gambler” to excellent use.

Last night was probably the best of the Season so far. We were treated to a vampire episode that offered a very funny and scathing look at vampires using the whole Twilight craze to get new victims. There’s some great jokes that had me rolling the first half of the episode. But then things take a dark path when Dean gets infected by a vamp and Sam lets it happen. Only we discover later that apparently Sam doesn’t mind endangering his brother’s life in order to find out what the vampires are up to. This was a plot point that surfaced in the first episode of the season and at first it just felt like role-reversal where Sam becomes like Dean used to be and vice a versa. However now this is starting to get more interesting as is the whole monsters arc the season has taken thus far. I’m finally beginning to look forward to watching this show each week once again.

The secondary story with Dean’s girlfriend and her son has been a strange one. I like both these characters a lot and I feel like there’s a hell of a lot more they could be doing with them instead of just relegating them to being Deans crutch. I’d like to see a strong female character come out of this show that I don’t despise or feel is miscast, and Lisa I think is that character. The son was so much like Dean when we met him 3 years ago and now that plot point has been apparently thrown out. I really don’t want to see them just sweep these 2 characters aside and pretend they never happened but that might be exactly where they’re going with it. The characters are getting older and I like seeing Dean care about someone other than just Sam. Lisa could be a very strong character if they develop her the right way. Please Supernatural writers don’t just kill this one off!