It seems like every year at Halloween I end up finding a site or 2 out there that has copied or taken artwork from my site or one of my clients. Its usually not a huge deal but this year I have an infringer that has taken the cake. has not only stolen artwork but has taken whole site designs from several of my clients sites and turned them into cruddy stitched together mess that just amazes me. This loser has taken a tremendous amount of time to steal flash images, whole page designs and even “buy ticket” buttons and is passing them off as their own. The site has stolen elements from my,,, The Nest, and a few more too. I’ve never seen such a blatant rip off of my work!

UPDATE: 10-16-08
I contacted the company that ripped off all my work and they claim they hired someone else on the net to do the site and didn’t know the art was stolen. They have since removed the artwork but I’ll be keeping an eye on them to make sure it doesn’t pop up again somewhere else.