Last weekend I visited – and was able to check out almost their entire line of products in person. If you’ve seen these amazing life size monsters on their website I can honestly say that the photos don’t do the product justice. I was really amazed by the amount of detail and time that goes into these pieces and the body forms that they’re built on are the best I’ve ever seen. The coolest part is they completely break down into smaller chunks to make it easy to transport them or put them away for the season.

I picked up my very own “Unearthed” zombie for display in my office which you see to the left. I also took a full length photo of it under studio conditions so you can better see the detail. I really love this prop and it looks great in my office. The joints in the arms move allowing me to pose the character in a wide variety of ways. I can move the arms up at the should and at the elbow as well. I hooked up a few mini spotlights to give it the full effect and it looks very creepy standing silently in the corner of my office! I’ll be scaring the neighbors with this thing come next Halloween:)

I’ll be redesigning almost all of Beyond the Grave’s Marketing and website in the next 2-3 weeks. Its going to be a great step up for this company that will be making a big splash at Transworld this year. Just stay tuned for more very soon!

Check out to see their current product line-up