The spooky Halloween season may be over but things haven’t really slowed down any here at Rogues Hollow. First up you might have noticed I’ve spruced things up a bit on the site with some new graphics. Its still a work in progress but I’m pretty happy with where its going. I’ve tried to simplify things a lot and streamline my menu.

– at – and I have started working on a new film project that will be our biggest so far. I won’t go into any great detail on it but you can see some screen shots on my flickr account from the shoot as well as the photo on this post. F/X genius Jon Shroyer took his one day off of a big Hollywood production to come and help our little teeny, tiny production and it was awesome! We had the best make up ever on any of our videos so far! Its going to be great!

There’s still lots more filming to go and I’ll post bits and pieces of what we’re doing as we go but you’ll just have to wait till we’re done to see what it all means! Until then, enjoy this severed head