So last week my Millennium Contest prizes arrived at my door step and I’m thrilled to get them! The Millennium Box set I already had but I didn’t have this edition and of course this one is signed by the Frank Black himself, Lance Henriksen! Very cool! I also got the Alien Quadrilogy signed by Lance and a DVD of Near Dark, one of the best Vampire flicks ever. I was scratching my head over why the cover was missing on the Near Dark DVD then I found out from Troy at that Lance hated the Twilight-esque cover of the latest reissue and he threw it out and put a signed photo of his character in there instead.

I’m told that there will be one more prize yet, a full size poster of my entry that will also be signed by Lance. So I’ll be putting that in glass on my wall as soon as I get it! BIG THANKS AGAIN TO Lance Henriksen, Klea Scott, Mark Snow, Troy Foreman, Brian Dixon and everyone else at for making this happen!