Looking at the photo to the left you might think I discovered some VHS gem on Ebay from the 1980’s.  Well you’re not even close.  House of the Devil is a 2009 film by Director Ti West that is set in 1983 and is a great throwback to 1980’s “satanic panic” movies.  Everything about this movie, from the quality of the film, the people, dialogue, clothing, even the opening and ending titles SCREAMS 1980’s horror flick.  If I didn’t know better I’d say Ti West went back in time to make this film.  It perfectly reflects its time period without making fun the the era.  I highly recommend picking it up on DVD but if your a fan already you’ll want to get the DVD/VHS edition that features a over sized 80’s style clam shell VHS complete with the Gorgon Video Logo for true authenticity! It brings back warm memories of visiting the video store back in the day and seeing these big VHS boxes in the horror section with awesome artwork!  Usually the movies weren’t nearly as good as House of the Devil but looking back at it, that really didn’t matter.  This Weekend its going to be 80’s night at my house!