HDR Photo of Our Yard Haunt
High Dynamic Range photography has become very popular in recent years. Basically HDR photography is a bracket of several photos taken at different exposures that are combined to make one highly detailed photo that looks insanely detailed or even like a painting. I’ve never been a big fan of it because it brings almost every detail to life in a big way so if your shooting photos of something scary then all those spooky shadows often get blasted out. However it has become a very popular way of taking photos of rooms, houses, scenery etc. So last weekend I decided to learn this bitch and add it to my list of skills. The photo you see above is a shot of my Halloween yard display taken at 3 different exposures and then combined to and HDR photo. For stuff like this I think it works pretty well. So this is another service I’ll be offering now on Rogues Hollow. If your interested in having my come out and shoot your haunt, event, house, etc in HDR then email me and lets see what we can do.

Ridiculously detailed Michael Myers

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