Something I’ve been slowly gravitating towards is video & Film and last night I finally got my first stab at it. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t interested in my plans and decided to rain on them. However we were able to get quite a bit shot but missed out on the final zombies walking through a cemetery shots that would have taken about 10-20 more minutes to get. Oh well. I guess for the first try it went pretty well. I learned some things that I’ll do different next time but overall it went pretty well. The image you see to the left is a still taken during the shoot.

Thanks to Scary Boy Productions for Delivering to my door those fantastic tombstones you can see in the back ground, Thanks to Steve at Screamline for getting me a axe just when I needed it! and A Big thanks to my actors, My sister Melissa and her Boyfriend Brian and his Brother Kevin. Thanks a lot!

Next the editing and the trailer creation:) Stay tuned!