Retro Movie Review: Vamp (1986)

21 Mar , 2013
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

Vampire movies are a young persons game. Lonely emo vampires searching for meaning to their existence perfectly fits into the emotions of lonely teenagers. So I’m not really a fan of modern vampire movies because they’re just not something that I can relate to on any level anymore. But I still like revisiting some of […]

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Fright Night (2011) Review

14 Dec , 2011
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

The 2011 Remake to the 80’s classic Fright Night went up against a lot of criticism when it came out earlier this year. There were a lot of horror bloggers that outright hated it and backed it up by accusing it of not pandering enough to the original and its fans. Having finally gotten the […]

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