vampVampire movies are a young persons game. Lonely emo vampires searching for meaning to their existence perfectly fits into the emotions of lonely teenagers. So I’m not really a fan of modern vampire movies because they’re just not something that I can relate to on any level anymore. But I still like revisiting some of the vampire flicks I grew up with and recently I picked up the blu-ray edition of “Vamp”, a film I remember liking as a 10 year old boy but does it still hold up?

Vamp is basically the “After Hours” with vampires. If you have seen After Hours, which is great, then you can see how that might work. Kevin and AJ are tasked with finding a stripper for their fraternity. Since Neither have a car they bring Asian stereotype #1003 Duncan (Gedde Watanabe) playing a horny nerdy loser who doesn’t have any friends. The three of them head to a seedy side of the city to find the sleaziest of stripper clubs.

They eventually end up at a club that only opens “After Dark”. AJ heads in alone first to try to chat up a stripper to take back to the fraternity. Duncan can’t stand waiting and says quite possibly the best line of the whole movie. Kevin gives in and heads inside with Duncan where they get to see a truly bizarre bit of “performance art”? If you don’t know who Grace Jones is then you didn’t grow up in the 80’s. She was a very tall Jamaican woman with very strong features that make her both very unusual and beautiful at the same time.

The 2011 Remake to the 80’s classic Fright Night went up against a lot of criticism when it came out earlier this year. There were a lot of horror bloggers that outright hated it and backed it up by accusing it of not pandering enough to the original and its fans. Having finally gotten the chance to see the film today I can honestly say without hesitation that Fright Night (2011) is a fun, fast paced, and funny horror film that I very much enjoyed. I’ve been a big fan of the original film and it truly is a movie of its time. Its filled with 80’s horror movie staples such as over the top special effects, scene chewing villains, and homages to the golden age of horror. Last summer I watched the original with some friends my age that had never seen it. While they liked it they thought it was very silly and unintentionally funny. And it is all those things but its still beloved and sacred to most horror fans.