Unjustly Hated: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

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blairwitchposterSo there are a lot of movies out there that were really hated when they came out.  The best example is probably Halloween 3: Season of the Witch which up through the early 2000’s was the most despised of the Halloween movies.  Today it has enjoyed a resurgence and found its audience.  I hear a lot of horror fans gush about it and it even received a collectors edition Blu-Ray release last year.  But there’s a lot good horror movies out there that have a bad rap and I aim to give their their due.

When the Blair Witch Project came out it was a hit and there’s a lot to admire about  it.  The film itself is one of the fathers of our current “Found Footage” craze but that’s not what made it special.  It was the marketing that made it work.  But that’s an article for another day.  The film studio needed to follow up the film with a sequel in order to capitalize on the first films success.  I think most expected the film to just reuse the concept of the first film and have more kids go missing trying to find the truth behind the Blair Witch legend.  But that’s not what happened at all.


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Read Haunted Attraction Magazine Issue 58 for FREE!

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As some of you may already know I am now the co-publisher and art director for Haunted Attraction Magazine!  We’re all digital now which means you can only view the magazine on your Ipad, iphone, Android tablet or Android phone or you can view it on your PC or Mac.  Haunted Attraction Magazine is the oldest regularly published magazine in the industry and we’re making an effort to bring it back to its glory for the Digital age.  While the magazine might have been very haphazardly published in the past, we’re setting out to publish 4 issues a year and be punctual about it!  Best of all this new Special Halloween Issue featuring a video interview with Rob Zombie is available for FREE!  Yes FREE! So visit the all new HauntedAttraction.com to download the version for your device!

The New issue also features the TOP 31 Haunts in the USA, an interview with composer Chris Thomas, an article by me, and so much more!! Get yours Now!

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The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride 2013 Trailer

by  on Oct.21, 2013, under Canon 5D Mark III, haunted house commercials, Haunted Houses, HDSLR Filmmaking, trailers

Check out our new Trailer for The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride in Pennsylvania!

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Brighton Asylum Haunted House Official Trailer 2013

by  on Oct.16, 2013, under Canon 5D Mark III, haunted house commercials, trailers, video

We shot this back in June of this year and edited it into a kick ass trailer for a Haunt in New Jersey

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Official 2013 Dent Schoolhouse Trailer

by  on Oct.15, 2013, under Canon 5D Mark III, haunted house commercials, trailers

The latest trailer creation for The Dent Schoolhouse.  Shot and edited entirely by Rogues Hollow Productions.

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Official LA Haunted Hayride Trailer (2013)

by  on Sep.25, 2013, under Canon 5D Mark III, haunted house commercials, trailers

Just wrapped up editing on the official memory lane trailer for Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.  I shot all the video in this video and can tell you that hayrides are very tricky to shoot compared to haunts.  It was a big learning experience.  Check it out!

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Video For Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare

by  on Sep.11, 2013, under haunted house commercials, Rob Zombie, trailers

A while back I made a video for Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare and it finally dropped to the public yesterday.  Today its everywhere and its kind of overwhelming!  Its on Rob Zombie’s website among many others and as of this post its at nearly 14,000 views in less than 24 hours.  Seeing something I worked on getting this type of publicity is pretty trippy.  For something that is mostly pieced together with clips from Rob’s movies and stuff I’ve shot myself its came out well!  I’m flying out next month to shoot the actual haunt so there will be more photos and videos of this event coming by October 13th!  So stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!

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Haunted Attraction Magazine and Digital Publishing

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2013_Logo_finalMany in the industry likely heard that HauntedHouse.com has acquired Haunted Attraction Magazine last month.  This means I’ll be co-publishing the new HA mag and will be handing all the art direction which I’m pretty excited about developing in the coming issues.  Today we made the announcement that HA will be a digital format magazine now.  This means you’ll be viewing it on your pads, phones, or computers.  I’ve already heard the cries of outrage from dead tree fans about what a travesty this is and I can’t say I have much sympathy on this.  Print magazines are dying and outdated and I imagine will likely become a thing of the past over the course of the next decade as more and more people use smartphones and tablets.   I get that there are some people that still want to sit and handle the paper but its just not where publishing is going and if you’re that eager to have a print copy you can always print it out on your printer I suppose.   We’re concerned with the future of publishing not the past and as someone who now gets almost all their reading material on a tablet these days, I have to say once you get used to it you wonder how you ever lived without it.

But the best part of why the move to digital is important is MEDIA!  Now every ad in the magazine will be hyper linked to that company, articles will feature videos and sound! As we go I imagine we’ll get more advanced and offer more rich media with the magazine than ever thought possible!  Its an exciting time for the Haunt Industry as we bring its premiere magazine into the future and make it bigger and better than ever before.  The first issue will be released next month! Stay tuned!

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