House of Shock Photos 2014

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I had the honor of going to a haunt I’ve always wanted to see for 15 years! The House of Shock in New Orleans has been one of those infamous haunts that has had more than its share of controversy due to its themes of Satanism.  Its also one of those haunts that’s just as well known for its amazing sets and awesome stage show with pyrotechnics!  It was a real honor to get asked to come out and shoot some photos this year, their final year, for use on their site and promotions.  I have to say the show lives up to its legend!

bad_priest2When you first visit the House of Shock you’re treated to a stage show that is mind blowing! Its something out of the most intense heavy metal concert ever seen.  Lord Belial, the satanic priest comes out and talks about how the Antichrist was born at the House of Shock and now they’re ready to take on God and bring about the apocalypse! Jesus shows up, nailed to a cross, and blows away the Antichrist and a televangelist preacher in a huge pyrotechnic explosion of fire and sparks!  It’s just as crazy as it sounds and then some.  Its something that has to be seen to be believed and now that its in its final year your chance to go see it is quickly coming to an end!

The rooms are some of the most detailed I’ve ever seen in any haunt.  The Voodoo priestess house with its intricate statues, paintings, and ritual paraphernalia is awesome!  There’s so much to take in and I was very glad I had time to shoot the haunt before it opened so I could document as much of it as I could.  But the photos don’t do justice to what its like actually being in that room and experiencing it with all your senses.  The actors are intense and really into what they do!  Again its something you have to see to fully appreciate.

templeThe Satanic themes are pretty heavy in the house and there’s an amazing satanic temple room that just seems to explode into chaos when you walk into it and its all due to the amazing performances of the actors!  There’s screaming chained up woman, a satanic priest preaching at you and of course the Antichrist himself watches you from above!

The House of Shock is one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever been to! It’s a nightmarish trip through a dark vision of New Orleans fused with the underworld and its like nothing I’ve seen before!  Now that its ending I highly recommend you go see this haunt before its gone forever!

Visit House of for details and tickets

To Check out more Photos from my trip please visit my Flickr album!

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Canon 5D Mark III: My take

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If you’re a HDSLR fan then you probably have heard about the latest from Canon, the EOS 5D Mark III. If not then Let me bring you up to speed quickly. In 2008 Canon released the still amazing 5D Mark II, the first Canon Camera with HD Video capability. Canon intended the camera to be used by photogs who needed to get video content while working on their projects for new media. But much to everyone’s surprise Indie filmmakers started picking up the camera and shooting movies with it. The 5D Mark II was responsible for a boom in HD video filmmakers who could now buy a reletively cheap camera and start making pictures. Since then the camera has been used not only in independent films and countless online videos but also in major Hollywood productions and TV shows. Most recently the camera was used for the vast majority of filming on the Navy Seals movie “Act of Valor”.


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Pennhust Asylum in Haunted Attraction Magazine

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If you were at the Transworld Haunted House Show this weekend then you got a look at the latest issue of Haunted Attraction Magazine and its awesome new look! But best of all it features a photo spread of Pennhurst photographed by Rogues Hollow Productions! The cover photo is my favorite and one I use in the design of this site as well as my 2012 Promotional flyers I handed out at the show. I think it really compliments the new look of the HA magazine and I’m proud that my photos are gracing the cover for the introduction of the new HA logo and layout! Big Thanks to Randy Bates and Richard Chakajian of Pennhurst and to John Kennedy, owner of Haunted Attraction Magazine. If you don’t already have a subscription to HA then get one now! Click here for more information!

Source: Haunted Attraction Magazine

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HDR photos from Six Hundred Downtown

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In my continuing excursions into HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography, I recently took photos of a new restaurant open now in Bellefontaine OH, called Six Hundred Downtown. I’m very happy with how these have turned out so far. I’ve noticed some HDR photos that take the contrast to a ridiculous level by having the edges of object POP and I’m not a fan. It makes the image look far too busy and takes away from the actual beauty of the subject matter. I’ve tried to keep from doing that in my photos and so far I think I’ve been pretty successful. Check out my full gallery of photos from Six Hundred Downtown and let me know what you think: CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTOS

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Trick or Treat Night 2011 Photos

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Thursday Night, October 27th we had our Trick or Treat night in Kenton. I spent the day putting the final touches on the yard, setting up music, and fog as well as characters in the yard. The evening started with a short downpour of rain that lasted maybe 10 minutes but we still ended up with a pretty good turn out. As I do every year I spent 2 or 3 hours after taking photos and video for the site. It was wet and cold and I was down in the mud taking photos so it came as little surprise when I got hit with a bug that saw me trying to vomit up the lining of my Stomach on Friday and into early Saturday. Today I’m finally feeling 100% again and its time to post all the new HDR photos from the Thursday. You can Check out the full Gallery on my flickr account by clicking here
A few Favorites below:

View More Photos Here

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2010 Halloween yard Display Photos

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I put together some of my favorite photos and added them to my flickr account. Let me know what you think! Check them out here:

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Trick or Treat

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Tonight was the night and we gave it our all! The final yard display was looking pretty kick ass as you can see from the photo. Unfortunately I couldn’t do the fog this year like I wanted. It was insanely windy all day and I would have been an exercise in futility to try to get my yard to fill with fog. Oh well, maybe next year. My new fence turned out to be a great addition to the yard. it kept the kids from walking through the display and it gave the house a spooky finishing touch I’ve never had before. Now I think I’ll leave it up to spring and hope for it to rust a bit.

The bad news was we had less than half as many kids come this year. I’m not sure why, perhaps its the economy or just my street. Not many people seem to want to participate here. I’m seriously considering a newspaper ad next year and calling it “Nightmare on Broadway Street”. Too much? Maybe, but I’m tired of not getting enough people and being left with too much candy after.

This was the first year where I had people taking their pictures in front of my house! There were several people getting there picture taken standing in front of the fence with the Sam from Trick r’ Treat standing behind them in the yard. Pretty cool that people were digging it enough to take a photo!

Brian and Trisha from Beyond the Grave Productions were Awesome in getting me a Sam made just in time for Trick ‘r Treat! You can see a photo of him standing in the yard below. That’s a Beyond the Grave Michael Myers on the hill above. I have lots more photos on the way that I should finish Friday and a video I’m hoping to have done very soon as well. Stay Tuned and Happy Halloween!

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The TerrorFest Haunted House Photos

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So this past weekend I finally made it out to the Terrorfest in Columbus. I spent most of the day there getting photos and video for the 2011 website which I start working on in November. I was a very big fan of this haunt last year since it stuck so close the storyline that we came up with for it about a serial killer in the brewery district of Columbus. For 2010 they redid the entire Brewery Butcher attraction in 3D which I was very skeptical about. I’ve never been a big fan of 3D attractions for the same reason I’m not a fan of 3D movies, they seem gimmicky and distracting. However I wasn’t expecting to find the best 3D attraction I’ve ever seen! The rooms were simply amazing and very dimensional. The murals blew me away and the actors managed to use the surroundings to their advantage. Jumping out from camouflaged walls right in front of you. If you live in the Columbus Ohio area you need to check out the Terrorfest! The 3D haunt will be worth the price of admission alone! I’ve chosen my favorite photos and set up a flickr account to view them. To see them all visit my flickr page here!

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