Trick or Treat Night 2011 Photos

by  on Oct.30, 2011, under Halloween, HDR photography, photography

Thursday Night, October 27th we had our Trick or Treat night in Kenton. I spent the day putting the final touches on the yard, setting up music, and fog as well as characters in the yard. The evening started with a short downpour of rain that lasted maybe 10 minutes but we still ended up with a pretty good turn out. As I do every year I spent 2 or 3 hours after taking photos and video for the site. It was wet and cold and I was down in the mud taking photos so it came as little surprise when I got hit with a bug that saw me trying to vomit up the lining of my Stomach on Friday and into early Saturday. Today I’m finally feeling 100% again and its time to post all the new HDR photos from the Thursday. You can Check out the full Gallery on my flickr account by clicking here
A few Favorites below:

View More Photos Here

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HDR Halloween Photography

by  on Oct.25, 2011, under Halloween, HDR photography

HDR Photo of Our Yard Haunt
High Dynamic Range photography has become very popular in recent years. Basically HDR photography is a bracket of several photos taken at different exposures that are combined to make one highly detailed photo that looks insanely detailed or even like a painting. I’ve never been a big fan of it because it brings almost every detail to life in a big way so if your shooting photos of something scary then all those spooky shadows often get blasted out. However it has become a very popular way of taking photos of rooms, houses, scenery etc. So last weekend I decided to learn this bitch and add it to my list of skills. The photo you see above is a shot of my Halloween yard display taken at 3 different exposures and then combined to and HDR photo. For stuff like this I think it works pretty well. So this is another service I’ll be offering now on Rogues Hollow. If your interested in having my come out and shoot your haunt, event, house, etc in HDR then email me and lets see what we can do.

Ridiculously detailed Michael Myers

Want to see more? Visit my Flickr Page for MORE HDR HALLOWEEN PHOTOS

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Classic Halloween Safety Videos!

by  on Oct.23, 2011, under Halloween

Ah, Halloween safety videos, it takes me back to my childhood when we had to watch similar videos every year before Halloween at School. The first is from 1977 and features a Halloween costume that goes from classically spooky to stupid over the course of a few safety tips.

This second video is from 1985 and features an animated pumpkin that explains the safety of Halloween. Best Part: when the pumpkin gets his insides scooped out and says “Getting my insides scooped out tickles.”

Both of These great videos were uploaded to Vimeo by Jason Willis.

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15th Anniversary of MillenniuM

by  on Oct.21, 2011, under chris carter, lance henriksen, Millennium

Next Week marks the 15th anniversary of the show that had a big impact on my career path and where I am today. Millennium premiered Friday October 25, 1996 with its controversial pilot episode that still packs quite a punch even a decade and a half later. Now the Back to Frank Black campaign is working to get Millennium back on the air and of course I’m a big supporter. That’s why I’ve created a set of wallpapers, just in time for the anniversary of premiere!

The first represents the famous river scene in the pilot episode and bears the tagline: “Wait, Worry, Who Cares?” along with a special 15th Anniversary logo. The Second features an image I made to enter the Millennium Poster contest over a year ago. This one didn’t win, however my other entry did, but its my own take on the imagery of the first season of the show. It features the tagline: “This is who we are”. Both promote and are available in a variety of formats including mobile versions for Iphones and Androids as well as desktops. You can download them now in my downloads section by clicking here!

Be sure to “Like” and Tweet this post and help spread the work about the 15th anniversary of MillenniuM and the campaign!

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Indy ScreamPark

by  on Oct.19, 2011, under Haunted Houses

A couple weeks ago I was able to get out to Indy ScreamPark with my second unit video guy, AKA Brian Lashchuk of We had a great time at this haunt, now in its second year and we it feels like a very polished haunted house experience. There’s a total of 5 haunts all themed differently. Kurayami is a black out maze, Bedlam is a 3d “RAVE” maze, and Nachtmahr is a classic haunted house with slaughterhouse elements as well. But the best haunts were the outdoor mazes, The Backwoods, and my favorite Infected.

I’ve never been to a scary corn maze. They’ve always been too big, no sense of claustrophobia and the corn was always too short. Infected proved that I didn’t know jack about corn mazes. Lets start with the corn that was nigh 10 feet tall and the paths cut through them were no wider than 4 or 5 feet across. This gave you the feeling of being in a confined place and with little lighting, it was hard to know where the next scare was coming from. But the part that sold me on it was when I came around an opening in the maze that where a 2 story farm house was sitting, with a lawn and everything, right there in the middle of a corn field. It was one of those scenes that make you feel like your in a horror movie. The theme of infected is a “Zombie outbreak” by way of the film The Crazies. You have infected people trying to eat you and non-infected but frantic military personnel that have been left behind and have no hope of surviving. Its one of the few events I’ve seen at any haunt that has a storyline that it keeps in sequence and alive throughout the haunt.

The backwoods was also one of my favorites. Its your typical hillbilly haunt but its all out in the woods, with no lights and there’s a lot of old creaky shacks you have to go through in order to complete the trek. Its dark and its terrifying! After all the screaming there’s also a midway that has fire pits, food, gifts, and beer sales. This is the kind of haunt that is a full evening out and time and money well spent.

I took lots of photos of the indoor attractions which you can see on my flickr account

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Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Car Wrap

by  on Oct.04, 2011, under dark art, Graphic design, Halloween, Haunted Houses

A while back Los Angeles Haunted Hayride asked me to send them artwork for a car wrap and today they sent me the photo of the finished wrapped Mini Cooper! Looks pretty amazing!

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Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Trailer

by  on Oct.02, 2011, under Haunted Houses, horror movies, video

LA Haunted Hayride has been a client now for 3 years and for 2011 we completely redesigned their site and artwork from the ground up. In addition they provided me with some pretty good video to use for a trailer. The video they sent wasn’t very long but I was able to make it work with some creative use of music and title cards. Its proof that a little can go a long way!

Check it out, check it outers…

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