I love viral marketing campaigns! Last year Nine Inch Nails did an amazing job promoting their album “Year_Zero” by using viral videos, emails, and websites set 15 years in the future. I’ve done viral campaigns for my own clients as well.

So today in the mail I recieved a vial of blood that says TRU BLOOD : Synthetic Blood (See photo). The label says: “Tru Blood is pure, a substitute for the real thing. It will forever alter the way we liove and interact with the human world. You are on eof the first to receive a sample and become a pioneer fo this eminent change. We invite you to become willing participants on this journey and tell other of our kind what you think of the product. IT HAS BEGUN”

The vial of blood itself says the blood is essentially sugar water. THere’s a web address on the label as well http://chishio.jp/ which has several panels or photos on it written in some ancient “Rune-like” language that some are saying is sumarian.

I’ve done some research on Tru Blood and have discovered that this is a Japanese product designed to eliminate the need for vampires to feed on humans. Its all a campaign to promote Alan Ball’s New HBO Series called “True Blood” about a world where Vampires have made their existence known after the introduction by a Japanese Company of Synthetic blood.

This is a great ad campaign so I can’t wait to see what they do next for it!