So this past weekend I finally made it out to the Terrorfest in Columbus. I spent most of the day there getting photos and video for the 2011 website which I start working on in November. I was a very big fan of this haunt last year since it stuck so close the storyline that we came up with for it about a serial killer in the brewery district of Columbus. For 2010 they redid the entire Brewery Butcher attraction in 3D which I was very skeptical about. I’ve never been a big fan of 3D attractions for the same reason I’m not a fan of 3D movies, they seem gimmicky and distracting. However I wasn’t expecting to find the best 3D attraction I’ve ever seen! The rooms were simply amazing and very dimensional. The murals blew me away and the actors managed to use the surroundings to their advantage. Jumping out from camouflaged walls right in front of you. If you live in the Columbus Ohio area you need to check out the Terrorfest! The 3D haunt will be worth the price of admission alone! I’ve chosen my favorite photos and set up a flickr account to view them. To see them all visit my flickr page here!