No I’m not going to talk about a certain movie that sullied our memories of much better ones. No, rather I want to brag about one of my favorite clients. Chris Ainsworth of Thornhill Woods Haunted House has been a tremendous client since he called me to give his little Home Haunt’s website the professional treatment. He ended up with one of the best, if not the best, haunted House website in all of Canada. (not that I’m bragging). Now this year we’re gearing up to give him something truly unique and absorbing with his new all flash website that will be making an appearance in the next month or so with any luck.

I only got to meet Chris in person for the first time at Transworld a few weeks back and he’s a great person and very funny! Apparently I must have mentioned something about Vodka while we were hanging out (Hey, I’m Irish and I like a drink every once and again). Today, much to my delight, I received the coolest bottle of any liquor I’ve ever seen as a thank you from Chris! Its called Crystal Head Vodka and as you can see from the photo is a Skull filled with quadrupled distilled Vodka that has been filtered three times. Awesome!

After some research I found the website for Crystal Head Vodka which to my surprise features a very informative video about the vodka directly from the owner, Dan Akroyd. Yes that Dan Akroyd. After a very informative history of the legendary 13 crystal skulls and why Mr. Akroyd decided to recreate them, with Vodka, I was even more stoked to have one in my hands!

Thank you very much Chris! This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten as a gift and I can’t wait to try it this weekend! You’re Awesome!

Check out Crystal Head Vodka’s Website Here!
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