HDSLR Filmmaking

New Video Tagsylvania (2014)

26 Aug , 2014
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

New Video trailer we shot for Tagsylvania Haunted Houses in New York state.  This is a great event with one of my favorite haunted trails!  There’s some very creative things going on here with the set  design including a real crashed plane that someone died in!  Creepy Dolls, amazing make up and one of the […]

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Indiana Fear Farm Trailer (2014)

25 Aug , 2014
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

Here’s another new video I shot on site at The Indiana Fear Farm last October. It was one of the final events I went to that season and it was a breath of fresh air!  I had been to several big budget big name events with major effects and Indiana Fear Farm was a nice […]

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2014 Rogues Hollow Productions Show Reel

25 Mar , 2014
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

Its that time of year again when I dust off all my favorite footage that I’ve shot in the previous year and turn it into a kick ass show reel!  Check out the 2014 reel below featuring footage from Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare, Huston’s Haunted Hollow, Indiana Fear Farm, The Dent Schoolhouse, Brighton Asylum, […]

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The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride 2013 Trailer

21 Oct , 2013
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

Check out our new Trailer for The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride in Pennsylvania!

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Horror Movie Review: Jacob (2011)

17 Apr , 2013
Created by Christopher Brielmaier

Back in 2002 I was finally getting Rogues Hollow up and officially in the haunted house industry and my first Haunted House client was a man Named Larry Wade Carrell. He was a very sweet man with a big dream to open a haunted house in Houston called, The Nest. The website I created was […]

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