Millennium Re-watch Episode 1 “Pilot”

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millennium tvad100aI’ve made several posts about “Millennium”, Chris Carter’s sophomore tv series after the X-Files that he sort of forgot about after the first season.  Its no secret that this series had a tremendous influence on me at a very crucial time in my life and set me on the path to where I am today!  Recently there’s been some resurgence of interest in The X-Files with Kamail Nanjiani’s excellent podcast series, The X-File Files, which I can’t recommend enough even if you are new to the X-Files! But this has inspired me to really delve back into Millennium for my blog!

I loved the X-Files but for a variety of reasons, Millennium spoke to me on a very deep level and re-awakened my love of horror at a time when I had sort of moved away from it.  Hey Horror was in bad shape in the early to mid 90’s and it really didn’t take off again until a little movie called Scream came out.  But Millennium’s look and ad campaign also really inspired me artistically and pushed me back into creating dark art and video again for the first time in years.

In the Summer of 1996 during the summer reruns on Fox, these very short and weird promo videos began airing.  Fast cuts of horrible things, quickly ending with the image of character actor Lance Henriksen frantically clawing at the ground and then it goes to black and a voice says “You Can’t stop it” while the Millennium logo appears on the screen followed by a deep Bum, bump sound.  I was blown away by these promos! I couldn’t believe how cool the imagery was and how dark and weird it seemed.  “From the creator of The X-Files” was the only tagline and that was all needed to sell me.

Finally on October 25th 1996 Millennium finally aired and it was shocking!

With this series of reviews I will be going into spoiler territory so if you have never watched Millennium I recommend watching the episode then reading my review.  You can find some of the series online on youtube or buy the box set following the link at the bottom of this article.  At the time I’m writing this there is no legal streaming of the series on Netflix, hulu or anywhere else.

October 25th, 1996 Millennium aired for the first time on Fox at 9PM.  I wasn’t really prepared for how dark and gruesome this episode would be and neither was the majority of TV Viewers.  The episode opens during a heavy downpour in Seattle Washington where we follow a man into a rather sleazy looking strip club.  White Zombie’s “More human than human” pounds on the soundtrack as the camera wanders the club giving us a voyeuristic view of some of the weird individuals that are enjoying the show.  One of the girls is getting ready to go home for the night when the manager comes to tell her she has a “Private” dance request.  She reluctantly agrees and we cut to the girl dancing in a private room.  There’s a man sitting in the dark behind a glass booth watching.  “I want to watch you dance” he says.  He holds up a piece of paper against the glass written in French.  We start to see the flashes of what the man is seeing as he watches the woman dance.  The walls behind her oooze with blood. Flashes of knives and a struggle,  then as she dances blood starts to drip down from her head all over her body. The man in the booth struggles and sounds frustrated, his voice breaking as he says “I want to see you dance on the blood dimmed tide..”  He hangs his head and the titles come up.  (more…)

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New Video Tagsylvania (2014)

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New Video trailer we shot for Tagsylvania Haunted Houses in New York state.  This is a great event with one of my favorite haunted trails!  There’s some very creative things going on here with the set  design including a real crashed plane that someone died in!  Creepy Dolls, amazing make up and one of the best 3D scenes I’ve ever witnessed in person!  Its well worth your time if you live near Big Flats NY!

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Indiana Fear Farm Trailer (2014)

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Here’s another new video I shot on site at The Indiana Fear Farm last October. It was one of the final events I went to that season and it was a breath of fresh air!  I had been to several big budget big name events with major effects and Indiana Fear Farm was a nice home spun event that did amazing things with its location.  The hayride featured actors on ziplines, dancing skeletons, evil possessed pick up trucks, exploding gas stations and of course a headless horseman that chased down the hay rack!  Its a creative and smart event that does so much with custom made props an sets. If you live in the Indianapolis area I can’t recommend this one enough! Go check it out and be charmed and terrified by a truly fun and unique haunted house!

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Retro Movie Review: The ‘Burbs (1989)

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the-burbs-posterIn the 80’s Tom Hanks was still coming up in his career and he did a lot of movies, some were great, and some were not so much.  Its easy to point to films like “Big” or “splash” as his big break out roles that are still considered classics today.  But for me the movie that was my favorite as a kid and still finds its way into my summer viewing schedule each year is “The ‘Burbs”.

Having recently moved into a suburb near Columbus OH the movie suddenly has more meaning than it did before.  Screenwriter Dana Olsen wrote the film based on his own childhood where there was always that one house that seemed really creepy or that one neighbor that never came out of their house.  Olsen states it best with “…As a kid, it was fascinating to think that Mr. Flanagan down the street could turn out to be Jack the Ripper. And where there’s fear, there’s comedy. So I approached The ‘Burbs as Ozzie and Harriet Meet Charles Manson.”


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Horror Movie Review: Wolf Creek 2

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ItWOLF CREEK 2 movie poster -- exclusive images been nearly a decade since Greg Mclean’s Wolf Creek (2005) was in theaters right about the time the “torture porn” craze was at its peak.  Wolf Creek was marketed as a “saw” type but it never felt quite like that type of movie.  It took its time getting to where it needed to go and while I liked it I haven’t revisited it since I originally saw it in theaters. It felt like a good minor horror entry with a decent villain but it wasn’t something that really spoke to me.

Now Mclean is back with a sequel that both exceeded expectations and failed them at the same time.  The film has a great cold opening with our serial killer from the first film, Mick Taylor, played once again by John Jarret, being hassled by a couple asshole highway patrol officers.  Mick smiles and takes their abuse like he’s the cheeriest man in all of Australia but of course the two cops get what’s coming to them.  The sequence really sets you up for the film the follows, its darkly comic and Mick has become almost a ghoulishly funny icon like Freddy Krueger.   (more…)

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Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare Scottdale AZ

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Concert_Poster Its been officially announced finally that Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare Haunted Attraction is spreading its evil!  This Year its coming to Scottsdale Arizona where Rob Zombie Himself will be playing September 19th to open the ghoulish festivities!  This time around the Haunt has an All new Attraction based on The Devils Rejects as well as a new Original 3D attraction based around Captain Spaulding called Captain Spaulding’s Clown School in 3D! I’ve been creating stuff for the new attraction for the last few months and now we’re finally able to to start slowly revealing it. Above you’ll see the poster I made for Rob’s concert which Rob has been posting on his social media and website the last couple days!  and I have some cool video stuff in the pipeline when the time comes. I’ve been privy to what the new attractions will be and how they’re being designed and I dare say this may be a far cooler haunt than even the first one in California last year! Its going to be amazing!  Visit for the details and stay tuned for more.

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The Case for a Green Hornet TV Series

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GH11-cov-LauI imagine most young people only know the Green Hornet as the crappy Seth Rogan film that came out a few years ago.  A film that actually had some comedic potential when Stephen Chow was attached to it not only as the Kato character but also sitting in the directors chair.  That all changed when he left the project and it became the mediocre boring film it is.  However The Green Hornet has a much longer history going back to the 1930’s where it started as a radio serial.  Later it became a part of the Saturday matinee serials that played in film houses throughout the 1940’s before TV became a factor.  But it perhaps became most noteworthy for the short lived TV version that aired in for just 26 episodes in 1966-67.  This series found an unknown Chinese actor by the name of Bruce Lee playing the Hornet’s sidekick, Kato!  When I was a kid and watched old re-runs of this show it was Kato that I found the most exciting and cool part of the show.  The car, the Black Beauty was probably second and The Hornet was last.  Bruce Lee’s Kato was pretty amazing and it was very progressive for its time to have an Asian man playing a main character in the 1960’s.  Remember during this same time period they had a very non-asian David Carradine playing a Chinese immigrant in “Kung Fu”.

So recently I’ve been reading Kevin Smiths Green Hornet Comic book series.  Its based of his unfilmed screenplay he wrote for a Hornet film long before Seth Rogan stepped into the Green Fedora, and its pretty damn good!  The series begins with the original Britt Reid and Kato back in the day doing their thing to fool criminals into thinking their on their side but in reality the duo are cleaning up the streets and making Century City Safe!  They pull off one last job that assures the safety of the city for a long time to come and decide to hang up their masks and move on with their lives.  Britt Reid is a new father with a newborn son while Kato decides to return to Japan and clean up the corruption there. (more…)

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2014 Rogues Hollow Productions Show Reel

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showreel14Its that time of year again when I dust off all my favorite footage that I’ve shot in the previous year and turn it into a kick ass show reel!  Check out the 2014 reel below featuring footage from Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare, Huston’s Haunted Hollow, Indiana Fear Farm, The Dent Schoolhouse, Brighton Asylum, Screamworld, Tagsylvania, The Creep Haunted House Festival, and from our yet unfinished Satanic Panic short! We were very very busy in the last year shooting great video and photos!  Be sure to call us about booking your event to shoot Early!!  Visit our Video Services Page for details.

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