Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Car Wrap

by  on Oct.04, 2011, under dark art, Graphic design, Halloween, Haunted Houses

A while back Los Angeles Haunted Hayride asked me to send them artwork for a car wrap and today they sent me the photo of the finished wrapped Mini Cooper! Looks pretty amazing!

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Happy Bloody Valentines Day!

by  on Feb.14, 2011, under dark art, Graphic design, Haunted Houses

I know its almost over but here’s a little gift from Rogues Hollow, some nice HD bloody goodness for your desktop wallpaper. Happy Valentines Day from Rogues Hollow! Be sure to note that this is for private use AS DESKTOP PAPER ONLY and is NOT royalty free to use. Sorry but I have to make that clear since I’ve had problems with people assuming it was free to use in the past. To download just click on the image, then right click to save it to your Computer.

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Millennium (TV Series) Poster Contest

by  on Sep.27, 2010, under chris carter, dark art, frank black, Graphic design, Millennium

So the first week of September I entered a contest for fans of the long gone Millennium TV series presented by the great website BacktoFrankBlack.com. The entries were tasked with creating a poster for a proposed Millennium movie. The series was one of the biggest catalysts for my becoming a graphic designer so I know that no matter how busy I was I had to enter this contest! So I set aside one evening the day before the deadline to make up some poster ideas. The first was a minimalist design featuring the taglines from the show. It was meant to be a “teaser” poster and doing it in a minamalist design seemed like a cool idea since it was something I had not done previous. The second poster was meant to pay homage to the style of the first season of the show. It was dark, dreary and features group of police or detectives coming across a buried skull. When I finished the entries I really thought that only the second poster would have a chance at winning. Boy was I wrong!

Today the winners were announced. The judging was done by Lance Henriksen (Frank Black himself), Klea Scott (Agent Hollis, 3rd season) and Mark Snow (composer). To announce the winners BacktoFrankBlack.com went all out and did a podcast so the judges to announce their choices. I was very shocked with Both Lance and Klea began talking about how great the minimalist poster design I turned in was. Klea Scott even talked about how she was able to read so much into the simple design! Needless to say I was pretty shocked that I won but more so that I won for the simpler poster!

I thank Brian A. Dixon, who has been a long time force in the Millennium Fan community, and Adam Chamberlain, one of the great minds behind backtoFrankBlack.com, for hosting this contest and a very big thanks goes out to Lance Henriksen and Klea Scott for loving my poster so much and to Mark Snow, even though He liked the second place winner more:) I am deeply honored to be the winner and very flattered by all the kind words regarding my entry.

Visit BacktoFrankBlack.com for to see all the entries!

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