HDR photos from Six Hundred Downtown

by  on Nov.18, 2011, under Canon 5D Mark II, HDR photography, photography

In my continuing excursions into HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography, I recently took photos of a new restaurant open now in Bellefontaine OH, called Six Hundred Downtown. I’m very happy with how these have turned out so far. I’ve noticed some HDR photos that take the contrast to a ridiculous level by having the edges of object POP and I’m not a fan. It makes the image look far too busy and takes away from the actual beauty of the subject matter. I’ve tried to keep from doing that in my photos and so far I think I’ve been pretty successful. Check out my full gallery of photos from Six Hundred Downtown and let me know what you think: CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTOS

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One Response to “HDR photos from Six Hundred Downtown”

  1. Matthew says:

    Great photos, Chris! The place looks like a very cool place to grub on some pizza. And your photos made it look really inviting. Good on ya!

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