Halloween: The Rage – Our Fake Movie Trailer Tribute to Michael Myers

by  on Jun.12, 2011, under Halloween, horror movies

So for the last 2 years my friend Brian Lashchuk at BeyondTheGraveProductions.com, and I have been talking about doing our own Michael Myers movie. I love John Carpenters classic film and I’ve always thought it would be fun to do a tribute to it. I know everybody and their brother has already done one but what would one more hurt? Besides we felt like we could put some time and effort into it and come up with somehing decent. Early on I decided that doing an actual short film would be too complicated and be too hard to develop into a coherent storyline. So we settled on doing a faux movie trailer that would take more of a “best of” approach, basically creating iconic scenes and cool ideas and putting them together into a trailer.

Last November we started working on this project in Dearborn Michigan. Amazingly Brian and his wife Trisha were able to get many kids in their neighborhood to be trick or treaters. Their neighbors took down there Xmas and Thanksgiving decorations and put back up their Halloween decorations. Just so we could get some shots of trick or treaters. Oh and it was raining why we did all of this! I was amazed by how cooperative everyone was and how eager they were to help! Over the course of that weekend and 2 more weekends we were able to get some iconic scenes and have a lot of fun creating our own Myers opus!

When it came to choosing someone to play the Loomis character we debated and tried finding a man for the part. Brian then mentioned having a woman play the part instead. The crazy part was I had thought about that before but didn’t mention it because I thought it might be to sacrilegious to suggest a woman playing Loomis. But with it on the table and in the open it sounded like a cool idea and something that would make it stand out a bit. Luckily Brian had just the right person to play the part, an actual Psychologist, with intense eyes and a real strength about her. Sandra fit the part better than I could have hoped and with really no acting experience she delivered a strong performance. I wish we could have shown more of her in the trailer!

Like most things I film I always see things I’d do differently if I were doing it today. Each project is a learning experience and this ones no different. But, enough talk, enjoy our tribute to Halloween below and please let us know what you think by commenting on here, Youtube or Facebook!

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In which I rant about the term “Web Designer”

by  on Jun.06, 2011, under web design

So I was taking a break today, watching CNN and in between lots of depressing news there was a commercial for some oil company where they had a female “web designer” debating renewable energy with some oil company guy. It reminded me just how much I hate the term “web designer”. You may be asking yourself why I could hate a term that describes part of my own job description? Because its also a term that describes a lot of losers living in their mom’s basements. I’ve been doing graphic, web, video, flash, etc now for 10 years professionally. When I started out I didn’t meet a single so called “web designer” that seemed to have it together. The few I remember meeting had little to no talent in creating web sites, were often doing it on the side or trying to make a go of it while living at home. I even met one with major addiction problems.

Its not that any one of those things is necessarily a terrible thing, except for the addict, but most of the people I met using this term couldn’t create graphics to save their life. They cobbled together code to make web sites that were sometimes OK and other times criminal in how awful they were. At the time it seemed like more people associated the term with lazy young people that wanted to offer up some job description when they were asked what they did.

In fact there were TV shows on in 2000 – 2002 that I distinctly remember “web designers” being portrayed as lazy losers who didn’t have real jobs and to a degree that was very true. For me there has been such a negative stigma attached to the title of web designer that I’m loathe to use it in describing my services. That’s probably my biggest issue is that web designer is so large and encompassing a term that people who literally make one web site, or design a myspace page or set up their own facebook profile are want to call themselves web designers when they’re not and that gives legitimate designers a bad name.

I recently told my parents to start telling people I’m a graphic artist rather than use the term Web designer. I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way since I’ve seen other web people use different titles such as: visual artist, web developer (even if they aren’t), graphic designer, web specialists, etc, etc. I don’t see too many traditional web designer titles out there anymore. So what does everyone else think? Am I just being silly in my observation or is the crappiness of the “web designer” moniker as wide spread as I think it is? Discuss!

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