So AMC’s The Killing finally wrapped up and for those of us that held out we were rewarded with a outcome that was pretty dumb. I didn’t see the first season of The Killing until it showed up on Netflix so it wasn’t too painful to watch over the course of a few days as opposed to 13 weeks. A beautiful young girl named Rosie Larsen was found murdered in the trunk of a car. Two detectives are assigned to find out what happened and we follow Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and Linden (Mireille Enos) as they break the news to the Larsen family and then begin the work of piecing together the final days of Rosie Larsen in an attempt to find her killer. The first season of the show we seemed to have a new prime suspect with every episode. We were treated to so many red herrings that it became frustrating. Then the biggest punch in the balls came with the season 1 finale where it seemed like we were getting the answer to who killed Rosie but after a lot of build up we’re told it was all just a set up to end the cadidacy of a mayoral candidate. Then season 2 began and things only got worse.(Spoilers ahead)

In May of 2011 Brian Lashchuk of Beyond The Grave Productions came down to my side of town with his beat up serial killer van and we shot a short film called "compulsion". The story was originally Brian's idea of a serial killer that finally gets his comeuppance. We expanded the story a bit, Brian volunteered to be the killer and I shot the whole thing, did the sound, and edited it. It was a 2 day whirlwind of a shoot and it was in the 90's with high humidity the whole time. Now in 2012 a year later there are definetly things I would have done differently and there's a couple badly lit scenes but overall it turned out pretty well. It's heavily inspired by "The X-Files" and my favorite show "Millennium". Check it out and let us know what you think. ...

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So technology is constantly changing and that’s a good thing. 15 years ago I was making my very first website on Geocities and it was a very simple affair of photos in line with text. After I discovered dreamweaver my sites began getting increasingly better and more complicated. Then I got into Content management systems such as greymatter & wordpress. When I started Rogues Hollow in 2002 I jumped head first into Flash and became the first in the industry to offer full on Flash websites and Flash introductions. Each year we were able to push what Flash could do and it was pretty great! Immersive sites where video and information can live in harmony to present a awesome experience!